Unity: Simple example of integrating the RewardedVideo into your game (Part 2/4)

integrating the RewardedVideo adv, admob adsense into your game

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Unity: Simple example of integrating the RewardedVideo into your game (Part 2/4)

For the prerequisite steps, such as how to install Unity Advertisement package and integrated into project, please have a look at this:

Unity: Integrate the Advertisement package and monetize your game (Part 1/4)
Install the Advertisement package and setup environment‌There are few things needed before integration, and first of all you need toinstall the Unity Advertisement package: Step 1: Install Unity Advertisement package:Till now, the latest version is 3.4.7, you can use newer version if you like. …

Here is a simple and easy use case of how to put rewardedvideo ads in your game. Image we have a button in the game named extra life. The players will gain an extra life (extra coin, gold or anything you want) when they finish watching the rewaredVideo:

Menu asking for Extra life 

For this extra life button, we create a script attached to it (This script is from Unity doc):

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Advertisements;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class RewardedVideoButton : MonoBehaviour, IUnityAdsListener {
     #if UNITY_IOS
    private string gameId = "3685328";
    private string gameId = "3685329";

    Button myButton;
    public string myPlacementId = "rewardedVideo";

    void Start () {   
        myButton = GetComponent <Button> ();

        // Set interactivity to be dependent on the Placement’s status:
        myButton.interactable = Advertisement.IsReady (myPlacementId); 

        // Map the ShowRewardedVideo function to the button’s click listener:
        if (myButton) myButton.onClick.AddListener (ShowRewardedVideo);

        // Initialize the Ads listener and service:
        Advertisement.AddListener (this);
        Advertisement.Initialize (gameId, true);

    // Implement a function for showing a rewarded video ad:
    void ShowRewardedVideo () {
        Advertisement.Show (myPlacementId);

    // Implement IUnityAdsListener interface methods:
    public void OnUnityAdsReady (string placementId) {
        // If the ready Placement is rewarded, activate the button: 
        if (placementId == myPlacementId) {        
            myButton.interactable = true;

    public void OnUnityAdsDidFinish (string placementId, ShowResult showResult) {
        // Define conditional logic for each ad completion status:
        if (showResult == ShowResult.Finished) {
            // Reward the user for watching the ad to completion.
            Debug.Log("Player gain extra life");
        } else if (showResult == ShowResult.Skipped) {
            // Do not reward the user for skipping the ad.
        } else if (showResult == ShowResult.Failed) {
            Debug.LogWarning ("The ad did not finish due to an error.");

    public void OnUnityAdsDidError (string message) {
        // Log the error.

    public void OnUnityAdsDidStart (string placementId) {
        // Optional actions to take when the end-users triggers an ad.

When user click the Extra life button, a test adv will be displayed.

What is the next from here?