Import 2D Sprites in Unity

· 2 min read
Import 2D Sprites in Unity

Suppose we have a bunch of 2D resources, such as idle, run, and so on, and we want to import that in our 2D game with animation, here are few steps:

Step 1: Find the sprite sheet, normally they will come with a serial of images, like the one below, or you can download it from here (right click and copy):

Sprite Sheet Example

Step 2: Since the sprite sheet come with multiple sprites, we need to slice them in Unity, by first selecting the target resource, and then click the Sprite Editor

Step 3: In the Sprite Editor, in the drop down menu, click Slice, and then choose Automatic, and finally Slice.

Step 4: Finally we can have a list of sprites we can use in our game, create a 2D game object, and in the inspector, assign the sprite we just create to the game object:

After the steps above, we now can see the game object with our specific sprite: