How to install and enable URP (Universal Render Pipeline)

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How to install and enable URP (Universal Render Pipeline)

Universal Render Pipeline formerly named the Lightweight Render Pipeline, which provides many pre-built functions that can help you quickly and easily optimize graphics and effects across a range of platforms.

However, when I was trying to follow some tutorials online I could not find the Rendering under the main camera, the following is the screenshot of my project on the main camera inspector.

While on the tutorial as following:

Compared with two above main camera inspector, online tutorial's main camera has the a component named Rendering. I tried to follow the Unity's URP tutorial but still has nothing. After spent hours on this problem, finally I made it working. The following are steps hope can help people met similar issues.

Unity Version

To use URP, your Unity must be V2019 and above.

Install URP and Post Processing

Go to Unity, Window → Package Manager, and search Universal RP and  Post Processing.

In the case I am using v7.3.1, and you can use latest version if you like.

Create URP Assets

Then here comes the most important step is missing from the official document. Under the project, create a folder named URP or any other name you like, then create → Rendering → Universal Render Pipeline → Pipeline Asset (Forward Renderer):

Then you will find there will be two files created under the project:

Those two files are the rendering pipelines contains basic rendering configurations.

Then In the Edit → Project Settings → Graphics, select the UniversalRenderPipelineAsset (UniversalRenderPipelineAsset) for Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings.

In the main camera, you will see the Rendering!

Test whether it works

Then in the hierarchy, create a global volume by right click under hierarchy → Volume → Global Volume

Then add the glow effects by Add Override and setup the Boom attributes:

Now you can view the effects in the Game tab to see the effects, the following is when I increase the intensity to 10.