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How to create struct in C#


Like Enumerations, struct is value type, which means if you create a struct variable which holds its actual value not the reference. If you try to modify the value and it will not affect the other copy. Features of the Struct:

  • Immutable
  • Value type
  • suitable for collection of data (i.e. a list of weapons)

One of simple examples showing how to create and use struct:

// define a struct 
public struct Player {
	public int Level;
	public float XP;

// use struct
Player player = new Player();
player.Level = 1;
player.XP = 0;


Like many other languages, struct in C# supports methods as well.

struct Car {
  public string Name;
  public EngineType Engine;
  public string Color;

  public double Speed {
    get {
      return _speed;
    set {
      _speed = value;

  private double _speed;

  public void setInsuranceType() {
    Console.WriteLine("setup insurance");


P.S. Bad practice of using Struct:

  • Struct variable will be used as value type in the most of time. So it is not recommended to have the reference type as the property in a Struct.
  • A struct variable should be less than 16 bytes