Unity plugs Genshin Impact used

· 2 min read

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo, gained millions of users since it was launched. But how does it to achieve its amazing visual effects?

It is known that Genshin Impact  is developed based on the Unity engine, and Unity has powerful plugin systems. The following is a summary of a group of plugins, which developer can implement some of the technical special effects of their games. These plug-ins are probably only $488 US dollars. With these components you can even create your own Genshin Impact!

Timeline+Cinemachine (FREE): Timeline is a built-in module of the Unity now, and Cinemachine is an official expansion pack. Genshin Impact has extended some function extensions based these two plugins, so the cutscenes are rendered very well.

EasyTouch ($10): A must have plugin for mobile games sinc 2014, professionally handle touch screen related operations, such as joystick and gesture zooms.

InControl ($35): Used to be only 20 dollars, used by Lost Castle and other games as well. The function is relatively simple, but it can be very convenient to capture cross-terminal peripheral input signals, such as keyboard, etc.

Rewired ($45): Used to be recommended by Unity itself, the function is very powerful, you can freely configure and change the key mapping. However there are some minior flaws when I was using it, I guess I used two simlar plugins at the same time for the input module. They might conlict with each other.

Gaia ($45): It used to be only $45, which helps to generate worlds and terrain programmatically, but the final look effect is not that great compared with  Houdini's 3A terrain tools, the native terrain is sometimes rough or even a little fuzzy....

CTS ($57): It used to cost only $45, focusing on terrain rendering and terrain effects (rain, snow, etc.), composed of a bunch of Shader and Profile. Pretty useful if you have a large scene.

SECTR ($97): This plugin can cut the big world's own into different areas, and then set the display logic for dynamic stream processing (similar to the D&D map). This plug-in is very heavy and powerful. The most expensive plugins ever used

SimpleLOD ($30): LOD can be automatically generated, which is very easy, so the LOD effect of Genshin Impact  is a bit rough.

Lightning  - Procedural Lightning ($20): A weather plug-in which can display weather dynamically, it should be the cheapest one among dynamic weather plug-ins.

SpringBone (FREE): used to process the skirt effects. Physics is not used here, but to use elastic bone algorithm. The UnityChan display package provided in Unity Japan has the source code and you can packaged by itself for free!

FinallK ($90): This plug-in covers everything IK can do, whether it is FootIK or full-body IK, it also provides some peripheral functions such as Aim and Rogdoll, which is very performance-intensive (tested in 2014)

AQUAS ($35): A tool dedicated to process water effects, includes tools and basic rendering, such as advanced waves based on Fourier transform, etc.

StylizedWater ($20): A shader package for simple cartoon effects rendering, includes only shaders.